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Starting as a child growing up in San Diego, California I have always expressed myself in different creative ways in acting, singing, photography, crafting and painting. During the early years of my life, my family traveled a lot and we ended up staying in Katy, Texas until I graduated high school. After graduating high school with an art focused diploma and a vision of studying to become an art teacher at Wharton College, my dream was derailed due to finances and I moved to Dallas, Texas where I met my husband. I attempted going back to studying on my dream at North Lake University until my focus changed onto having children.

There was always something pulling me back to my craft naturally throughout the years with personal commissions and social media networking. After thirteen years and a divorce, I moved from Dallas. Driving four hours south to Houston in 2016, to be closer to direct family and to begin a new chapter with my two children. It was a few months later after moving to this other major city in Texas that I wanted to see the ocean. To feel that sense of security and freedom watching the waves similar to the ones I grew up with and to show my children how expansive the world can be.


Galveston and Surfside Beach, both situated on the Gulf of Mexico, soon called my attention. The fun events hosted by the local townspeople helped lift my spirit and create new family memories. The beach towns became our home away from the busy city life and rekindled creative passions that I had forgotten within myself for years. My childhood dream of living as an artist finally becoming a reality after so many years.

I invite you to explore my webshop, learn about my life of living as an artist, and share inspirations with you within the community blog.

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